In case of trouble:

  • Read documentation
  • XMapsy must be installed on the same computer where the FSX or P3D is running
  • Check if the correct Version of  FSUIPC is installed 
  • Check your firewall, udp-port 49002 must be open in your local network.
  • Check Settings in Your EFB-Software, Input must set to Simulation and Port 49002.
  • disable internal GPS
  • Note that the demo version only works in the areas around EDDC, KLAS and NZAA airports 
  • Change the frequency with which the data is sent in the settings (send Position Data every xxx milliseconds) . When using Synthetic Vision, 130 milliseconds is a good value, but for some apps this data rate is too fast, then choose a larger value.
  • uncheck „use calculated heading“ in settings

In case of problems or suggestions please contact the support:

xmapsy connect conectar forbinde yhteys connecter συνδέστε connetti koble podłącz verbinden koppeln
conectar conectați подключите anslut повежите pripojiť priključite conecta připojit bağlayın
підключіть csatlakoztassa падключыць fsx p3d p3dv4 with ForeFlight , Garmin Pilot WingX Pro ,
SkyDemon , Aerovie , FlyQ , Flight Planner , AvPlan EFB , AirMate , OzRunways onIOS and Android

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