In case of Trouble:

  • Read documentation 😉
  • XMapsy must be installed on the same computer where the FSX, P3D, MSFS 2020 or X-Plane is running.
  • Check your firewall, UDP-ports 49002* and 4000 must be open in your local network ( additionally ports 49000/49001 and 49707 if you use AVPlan EFB or Air Navigation Pro).
  • Check the settings in your EFB software. Please also read the XMapsy manual, there the necessary settings are described for many EFB versions.
  • If you use VPN services, there may be problems with the connection from the PC to the mobile device. Disable VPN services if you have connection problems. The PC on which the flight simulator is running must be in the same subnet as the tablet or phone.
  • Disable the internal GPS of your mobile device.
  • Never launch different EFB apps on your tablet at the same time, which can cause problems in communication with the flight simulator.
  • In the case of problems, always check whether your EFB app has been updated to the newest version.

*for Xmapsy Essential user: only port 49002 is important to you.

The following notes are not relevant for XMapsy Essential users:

  • Try to use a different connection technology (you can select FSUIP or SimConnect in the XMapsy settings)
  • Check if the correct version of  FSUIPC is installed if you want to use FSUIPC.
  • Change the frequency with which the data is sent in the settings [send AHRS Data every xxx milliseconds] . When you are using Synthetic Vision, 200 milliseconds is a good value, but for some apps this data rate is too fast. In this case, choose a higher value or increase the multiplier.
  • Uncheck „use calculated heading“.
  • If you use SkyDemon in GDL90 mode, remember to activate the option „use SkyDemon mode“ in the XMapsy settings
  • If you get an error message like this when installing the registered version:“Setup was unable to create the directory“ C: \ ProgramFiles \ xmapsy v3.1 „, then please run the SimMarket installer as administrator.
  • X-Plane users must install XUIPC (download from and set the connection via fsuipc in the XMapsy settings.

If you can’t solve the problem, please send a short description of the problem with a XMapsy- log file (recorded while a short flight) to „“.

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