XMapsy V3 – the professional solution for pilots

XMapsy V3 offers you an extremely flexible and universally applicable EFB connector for a variety of flight simulators (from FS 2004 to FSX to the current simulators P3D, Microsoft Flightsimulator 2020 and X-Plane)

The simulator (also X-Plane) protocol or the GDL-90 / ADS-B protocol can be used for transmission between the simulator PC and the mobile device with the EFB app.
A Connection with almost all EFB apps is thus possible.
Both Simconnect technology and FSUIPC can be used for connecting with the simulator.

In addition to the position and AHRS data of your own aircraft, XMapsy V3 also transmits the AI traffic data on request. If the simulator supports it, data from other players (e.g. VATSIM) will also be transferred.Please install the demo version before buying to test whether the traffic you want is supported.

The behavior of XMapsy V3 can be precisely adapted to your needs and your system through very extensive configuration options.
But don’t worry, it’s not as complicated as it looks. The settings are described in detail in the manual. Most users should achieve good results with the default settings and in case of trouble the XMapsy-support is always on hand to help.

An additional new feature of XMapsy V3 is the automatic recording as GPX- and KML-Files of all your flights. XMapsy V3 tries to recognize the departure and destination airports and to name the files accordingly. Outside temperature, wind direction and wind strength currently measured on the aircraft are also stored for each recording-point.
This data can be displayed e.g. in Google Maps or Google Earth. KML files generated by XMapsy V3 can also be imported into the very helpful tool FlightControlReplay (also available at simmarket) in order to generate a replay in MSFS 2020 (to look at the flight route again later in the simulator and maybe also to take some nice screenshots ).

You can buy XMapsy V3 from Simmarket. But please try the demo version of XMapsy before buying, which you can download here.

The demo version is fully functional version with no time restrictions. Only the flight areas are limited to a wide area around EDDC (Dresden – Germany), NZAA (Auckland – New Zealand), KLAS (Las Vegas – United States) and YPAD (Adelaide – Australia).

XMapsy V3 is successfully tested on iPad/iPhone and Android devices with the following products:

You can get an overview of the possible settings for XMapsy V3 here:

The KML files recorded by XMapsy can be loaded e.g. into Google Earth, FlightControlReplay or SkyDolly.

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