XMapsy – The EFB-Connector for FSX / P3D / Microsoft Flightsimulator 2020 and X-Plane*

News: XMapsy V3 Version V3.2.1 released:

– Generated KML files are now compatible with the very helpful tool FlightControlReplay and can be read there directly for a replay in MSFS 2020.

VFRnav now supported by XMapsy V3 (GDL90-Mode)

With XMapsy you can connect your flight simulator FSX / P3D / Microsoft Flightsimulator 2020 and X-Plane (10/11) * with a lot of EFB (electronic flight bags) Apps or aviation software on IOS and Android devices.

XMapsy has been a popular tool for simulator pilots since 2009. It is continuously being developed.

XMapsy V3 was released in 2019 and supports a variety of simulators and EFB apps.

In addition to pure simulator pilots, XMapsy V3 is also used by many real GA- and airline-pilots for their training.
Real pilots appreciate the possibility of being able to use the Apps they used on the plane also on the simulator.
But even simulator pilots can use a variety of professional aviation apps for moving maps, flight planning, synthetic vision or weather to make the simulator experience even more realistic.

At the request of many simulator pilots for a more cost-effective XMapsy version (that only has the most necessary basic functions for casual using) XMapsy Essential was developed.
XMapsy Essential is based on the proven core of XMapsy V3.

A comparison of both versions is shown in the following table:

 Comparison XMapsy V3 vs XMapsy Essential

XMapsy runs in the background and does not influence your simulator configuration. Once launched, it will only be visible as an icon in the tray and automatically connect to your simulator.
It sends data from the own simulator aircraft and AI traffic information over your local network to various EFB solutions.

You can test XMapsy V3 and XMapsy Essential in a fully functional version (see the download section) with no time restrictions. Only the flight areas are limited to a wide area around EDDC (Dresden – Germany), NZAA (Auckland – New Zealand), KLAS (Las Vegas – United States) and YPAD (Adelaide – Australia).

XMapsy is constantly developing. The experiences of real pilots are incorporated, and users‘ wishes and ideas are gladly accepted.
We offer fast and friendly support in German and English.

* X-Plane is only supported by XMapsy V3

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