XMapsy – The EFB-Connector for FSX/P3D

The new XMapsy V3 – connect your flightsimulator FSX / P3D with a lot of electronic flight bag or aviation – software on IOS and Android devices – now with ADS-B / GDL90 support – see AI traffic in your EFB app!

News: 02.02.2020 Version V3.02 released

If you previously purchased XMAPSY V2 at simMarket, you are entitled to the special upgrade price of EUR 5.95 incl. VAT (5.00 excl. VAT) only!

This helpful tool sends data of the own simulator aircraft and AI traffic information over your local network to various EFB solutions.

In addition to the XPlane message format, the new version V3 now also includes an ADS-B simulation using the GDL90 format.

XMapsy runs in the background and does not influence your simulator configuration. Once launched, it will only be visible as an icon in the tray and automatically connect to the FSX or P3D. 
The Installation of Peter Dowson’s FSUIPC4 or  FSUIPC5 module (free version)  is required. You can get it from http://www.schiratti.com/dowson.html.

Real pilots can now use their flight apps on the flight simulator.
But even simulator pilots can use a variety of professional aviation apps for moving maps, flight planning, synthetic vision or weather.

XMapsy is successfully tested on iPad/iPhone and Android devices with the following products:

  • ForeFlight
  • Garmin Pilot
  • WingX Pro
  • SkyDemon
  • Aerovie
  • FlyQ
  • Sky-Map Flight Planner
  • AvPlan EFB  
  • AirMate 
  • OzRunways
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This table provides an overview of the apps tested till now with XMapsy V3 on IOS and their usable features with the XPlane / simulator interface and the new ADS-B / GDL90 interface.

You can test the tool in a fully functional version (see the download-section) with no time restrictions. Only the flight areas are limited to a wide area around EDDC (Dresden-Germany), NZAA (Auckland- New Zealand) –  and KLAS (Las Vegas – United States).

Please test before buy !
If you like it, you can buy XMapsy V3 at simmarket.com.

XMapsy V2 is also still available, who does not need the new ADS-B features of version 3, you can buy here:  simmarket.com.
However, there are no more program updates for version 2.

V3.0 Version History:

01.02.2020: New in Version 3.0.2:

– You can now change the broadcast address in the settings

– Special logic for using SkyDemon in GDL90 mode has been implemented. Disconnections with SkyDemon are significantly minimized and gaps in your track recording are prevented.

– Fixed some minor bugs.

03.12.2019: New in Version 3.01:

– resolved problem above FL300

– optimized option „use calculated heading“ for Garmin Pilot Users

14.09.2019: Final release.

V2.0 Version History:

5.4.2018: New in Version 2.1:
   – resolved problem inaccurately heading
   – added support for garmin pilot synthetic vis (roll and pitch now working) 

05.05.2018: New in Version 2.2:
    – XMAPSY is now customizable via various settings to suit the needs of the user.
   – Support for AvPlan EFB

17.03.2019: New in Version 2.3:

– The heading is now calculated by default based on the change in position as in the real GPS device. In the settings, this behavior can be deactivated and xmapsy again uses the course provided by the simulator, which depends on the wind conditions and leads to inaccuracies in the representation of the track line.

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